How to find your forgotten passion

Find your forgotten passion

To revisit your forgotten passions is one way to connect with your purpose.

What childhood passion did you lost to adulthood?

One way to connect with your purpose is actually to go back to your childhood.

Sometimes, without knowing; we hide our purpose from ourselves.

That’s why we need to dig.

To revisit your forgotten passions is one way to connect with your purpose.

So, I would like to ask you to go back to your childhood and start to see you playing as a kid.

Remember a time in your childhood when you’re having a lot of fun.

A time when you felt really, really, really connected with who you truly are.

Maybe you’re three, four, five years old.

Maybe you’re eleven or older.

What were you doing when you felt connected with yourself?

What kind of activity?

What you’re playing?

What you’re inviting your parents to show them?

We usually do that when you’re a kid;

“Mom, dad! Look this!
Look look how I’m good doing this!”

You were:

  • singing?
  • dancing?
  • teaching?
  • leading a group?
  • creating?
  • experimented?

Connect with his energy, go back there… Try to capture the moments where you felt connecting with yourself or when you felt invincible.

Did you saw something that you’re not connected with for a long time? There is a meaning why you saw what you imagine.

Go deep on what you saw in this image and trust that image because it was your own image.


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