I HELP YOU TO Re-program
your subconscious MIND.

NLP therapy sessions

NLP is a form of therapy that changes thoughts and behaviors to help you achieve desired results. NLP uncovers and reprograms limiting beliefs to bring about a behavior change. It has proven to be an effective treatment for phobias, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, money blocks, PTSD.

Ricardo was made a licensed master by the founders of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), a set of tools and techniques that focus on change in perception, internal communication and choices.

He is the founder of the mind-training company Outside Comfort Zone, the production company Koanuka Films, the director of the award-winning documentary Resilience and author of the book; No more bullshit stories. 

NLP therapy sessions​

Ricardo never repeats any of his sessions. Each is tailored uniquely to your personality and needs.

He use NLP as a base where you re-program your subconscious mind to achieve desired results together with therapy and coaching techniques. 

Online works much like face-to-face and might include creative assignments, worksheets even body movement and various styles of psychotherapy to identify unhealthy patterns of thinking and cope with painful events, and discover new constructive ways to live life the way you desire,

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When you contact Ricardo you will be offered an online meeting where you can see if you are a good match.  If so, you will discuss when it’s your best time to schedule the once a week sessions. Ricardo will let you know more about his techniques and results.

Reviews from clients

"My self-esteem and self-confidence is better now and I have learned that I can program about my thoughts and perspective in a way which benefits me.
It's a miracle to get wake up and see things from a healthier perspective!"

– Tiago Lucas Judice, Master in leadership and public organization.
"I was stuck in a life crisis with sorrow and resentment. I got tools from Ricardo who I followed carefully and received fantastic results. The acquired insights made it possible for me to leave old rooted beliefs and decisions that created very suffering and pain in midlife."

– Dana Suarez, Manager at Social Administration
"I had a private coaching session with Ricardo during which we had identified together what was holding me back in my life. I got valuable advice how to transform myself into a person I want to become. Ricardo’s positive energy and clear guidance made it very easy and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to begin a journey of self-understanding and self-development."
– Aldona Rakauskaitė


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